"What must I do to be saved?"


     "And they said, Believe on the Master Yeshua Mashiyach, and you shall be saved, and your house.  And they spoke unto him the WORD of YHWH, and to all that were in his house.  And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes; and was baptized, he and all his, straightway.  And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in Elohim with all his house."  Acts 16:25-34


Believe on the Master Yeshua Mashiyach,

according to the Word of YHWH


Yeshua is Mashiyach

the Word of YHWH is Torah

(instruction in Righteousness).


To "Believe" means:

Repent of sin - turn to YHWH and observe His Torah.

Live by Faith - put our trust in YHWH and live according to active obedience to the Word of YHWH.

Bear Fruit -demonstrate the Love of the Father and teach others the Way of Yeshua.


Faith is the action of obedience,

the daily application of righteous judgment,

it's not a doctrine or cerebral "theology".


Believe on the Master Y'shua Mashiyach means to walk as he walked, walk in haMishchah (the anointing) of YHWH and be separated unto YHWH as a Priest and a King.  It's not about heroism, Y'shua isn't a "hero" but the Servant of all.  It's not about walking in someone else's "anointing" or teaching or serving in another man's "ministry."  Faith is about waiting on YHWH to receive your own personal anointing (Presence of the Spirit of Mashiyach) and nurturing our own personal relationship and experience with YHWH. 


We don't point souls to a "ministry" or organization or synagogue, we point them to Mashiyach Y'shua and encourage each one to have Torah written upon their hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-34).  YHWH brings souls into our personal lives so we can love them according to the Love He has given us and serve each one as unto Y'shua Mashiyach in Truth.  We have nothing of ourselves to give, what we have to give is what has been given to us according to the Spirit of Mashiyach because we are created in the Image of Elohim.  Grace is the power to walk in Truth and Holiness and become a Set Apart people.  Grace is what allows the Prophets of YHWH to be distinct and Kadosh (Set Apart) even among a rebellious and stiff-necked people.  Grace is what allows us to walk in Torah and Observe the Commandments of YHWH.  Grace allows us to witness the power to heal and see deliverance of our own souls and help others find the Way of Freedom in Y'shua Mashiyach and Torah.


Believe on the Master Y'shua Mashiyach means to Do His Word, and rest in Him.  We trust Him that His Word is Truth and that He changes not.  He is the same today, yesterday and forever.  As we walk in Him it is His Grace that shows us we have passed from death to life in Y'shua.  We do not succumb to the weak flesh, by Grace we are able to put away the carnal man and watch the spiritual man come forward.   We don't judge the spiritual man by religion or by the traditions of men, the Word of YHWH is written upon our hearts, He removes the stony heart that in times past rejected His Torah and His Name and gives us a heart that desires all righteousness.  The Image of Elohim becomes our thought-life our "imag - ination".


We need not compare ourselves with others, Grace is poured upon each soul who seeks Him.  It was a prostitute who showed more love for Mashiyach than the theologians of his day.  It is Grace that is poured upon the poor and lowest of society, but neither are the rich neglected by YHWH.  The "outcasts" of society often experience treasures which the wealthy and high minded will never experience, because the big boys are far too busy in being "big boys" than labouring in spiritual things (that make no sense to them) and because the poor of the world are used by YHWH to test the rich.  We judge ourselves by the standard of Y'shua and by His Grace He provides for us each day to be a Kedoshim (Holy People).


YHWH OWNS TIME and commands that we demonstrate to HIM and to the world that He is the Creator and giver of TIME.  How does that work?  Well, if you don't deny yourself during His time, then you are simply proving that you are master of your own time. 


All the theology and excuses you can come must have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  If you belong to Him, you enter into His Shabbat rest, this is why Isaiah and other prophets expressly prophecy about the Shabbat being observed during the Millennium. 


Shabbat is YHWH's choice of which Day he demands "visitation rights", it's not your choice to make as to when you will rest. 


It is not a time where you have a punch clock to put in your "spiritual" time and discharge your obligation towards the Fourth Commandment.  To uphold other times, days or seasons is to follow the leading of religious tradition and paganism. 


People are being rejected by families and friends in their backslidden churches because they want to enter into and experience the beauty of YHWH's Shabbat.  Some folks choose to observe Shabbat in secret because they don't want to bear the continual mocking and scorning from their pastors, family and church people.  So in reality one's Belief and trust in Mashiyach and love of Torah is most challenged not by one's own desire for Truth, but by the pressures to conform to the religious elements.


Our conversation is always to be without covetousness; and be content with such things as you have: for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.  So that we may boldly say, YHWH is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.  Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the Word of Elohim: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.  Y'shua Mashiyach the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.  Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with foods, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.  Hebrews 13:5-8


May YHWH be with you,


B'shem Yeshua,


Baruch Ben Daniel



Part 2

Recognizing the Religious Elements:

How NOT to have a relationship with Mashiyach!


Y'shua spoke of religious leaders who would not enter into the Kingdom and who make it very difficult or impossible for others to enter.  Clearly this is the choice of many church people today, modern Pharisees who do violence to the Kingdom of Elohim and think themselves to be doing service for Mashiyach.  The fact of the matter is that because they can so easily make light of the Truth that the Almighty YHWH may well have sent them a strong delusion that they believe a religious lie.


In other words NO AMOUNT OF TRUTH

will ever convince many religious people to turn from their religions.


What must I do to be saved?  Stay clear of false brethren and keep away from family and friends who mock and scorn the Word of the Living Elohim.  Protect your Faith, nurture your discipleship in Mashiyach, develop a strong spine that separates good from evil, don't cower to unbelief and unrighteousness.  While all about you cave into the insanity of materialism, relativism, globalism, humanism and false religion, don't follow a multitude to do evil, let your mind and imagination be focused on Mashiyach.


We know that we have passed from Death to Life when we KEEP His Commandments and His Commandments are not grievous or burdensome to us.  We delight in Torah being written upon our hearts and teach others how HE is writing Torah upon our hearts, this is the work of the Ruach haKodesh (Set Apart Spirit).  Carnal religious Christians say, "we don't have to keep Shabbat, we're not Jewish", one Christian said, "the Sabbath is not for today" and you can't argue with people like this, they are willfully lukewarm and ignorant of the Word of YHWH.  It's burdensome for many to stop making money, or shopping or doing recreational activity on Shabbat because YHWH and His Mashiyach are simply not a priority!  Religion about their theology of Jesus is the priority of most Christians.


Mashiyach can't keep their attention except perhaps during prescribed religious meetings of short duration because they are ultimately bored with Mashiyach, as is their Rabbi or Pastor.  Religious people see life through a theology rather than a living connection to Mashiyach.  The Government of Mashiyach raises the value of YHWH's authority over man's religious authority.  The parking lot clears out fast when the meeting is over, the religious duty is done and people get on to what really sparks their worldly imaginations.


Carnal and religious people cannot invest a whole day with Mashiyach, they haven't trained their spirit to rest in him, but YHWH desires to abide in His people on Shabbat.  Perhaps you're not Jewish, but if you think you are called to be a King and Priest then you ought to have some idea what Shabbat means.  Shabbat is a point in time and space where we enter into the Government of Mashiyach.  Mashiyach rested on the Seventh Day of Creation, after all was created HE RESTED which is also why Mashiyach is ADON (Lord) of Shabbat.  Shabbat is not a theology, Shabbat is a CONNECTION to Mashiyach and a Covenant of the NEW BIRTH takes place in our Spirits when we stop our religion and enter into the PERFECTION of the Word of YHWH.


Why do religious people make light of what is Set Apart unto YHWH?  Some "Believers" even mock those who are trying to hear the Voice of YHWH and enter into a relationship with Him.  Many religious people do a Torah service or a Christian service and then spend the rest of the day talking about their materialism and mundane petty worldly things, because they are not comfortable in the presence of YHWH.  YHWH is not their Father, He is a religious icon that they can discharge their duty from, and continue doing what is right in their own eyes.


Religions intellectualize and theorize the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of Elohim) according to theology, doctrine, traditions and culture.  Religion is notorious for pitting the Word of YHWH (Torah) against Y'shua Mashiyach and using syncretism to meld false religion into modern translations of Scriptures.  The WORD of YHWH came from the mouth of Y'shua Mashiyach, Y'shua is the Torah made flesh who dwelt among us.  Any person who teaches a contradiction between Y'shua and Torah is a false teacher who has not entered into the Malchut Elohim themselves.  The Word of YHWH cannot disagree or disapprove of Y'shua, nor does Y'shua ever deny the Perfection of Torah.  Yet the Church is full of anti-Torah false teachers who pit Torah and Y'shua against each other, they do this in a manipulative way.  The Christo-Pagan church teaches that the followers of Y'shua, namely Paul (the Apostle), were directed by the Almighty Father to fulfill Torah and they define "fulfill" as to make void and hence turn the Faith was Once Delivered into a mix of Hellenism, paganism, materialism and modern relativism.


Rabbinical Judaism works against the Malchut Elohim from the opposite direction by separating the character and qualities of Y'shua from Torah, these teach a "tradition" about Torah, which they reinvented for themselves.  The "Torah" of Rabbinical Judaism is man's authority and tradition (not YHWH's), it is Talmud and the halakha of men (oral tradition) that Rabbinical Jews follow as their god.  YHWH caters to the rabbis, the rabbis get together and tell YHWH how to run the Universe and they wrote that in a book called the Talmud.  Rabbis teach Jews to hate Yeshua haMashiyach, haNetzari, they have fashioned a god of their own image.  For example Rabbis teach their followers that it is ok to break the Commandments by their tradition.



NOT 10 Traditions


No. 1 YHWH says I AM YHWH, He didn't say... I am HaShem.  The reason we uphold the Name of YHWH is because He is our Salvation.  YHWH planted Yeshua (salvation) in our midst and set a Standard for how we are to live and love one another in Mashiyach.  But many people choose the authority of Rabbinical Judaism and politely address YHWH has HaShem, or Christianity and call Him "the LORD" because they would not want to offend the Rabbis or the religious institution status quo.  They willfully violate Torah by the commandments of religious traditon.


No. 2 Commandment according to the Rabbis is that YHWH is not the giver of the most important Torah, the Rabbis are, because they are the custodians of the "oral torah" which they hold to be more authoritative that the written Torah.  This is the iconic image of Rabbinical idolatry, their authority is their god of their own making.  This is a violation of Torah.  Christians dangle little carved angels off the mirrors inside their cars, and things about "saints" to keep them safe on the roads, and graven images of Biblical characters in their homes... all of which are an abomination to YHWH.


No. 3 Everybody knows YHWH sets His Name Apart from all others but not the Rabbis, who use Elokim, HaShem, Adonai or other substitutes because of their own authority over the Word of YHWH.  Rabbis have made their own idol which they refer to as haShem, just like the Israelites of old who made a golden calf and called it YHWH.  This is a violation of Torah.  Most Bibles have "the LORD God", which is also a name in Hebrew Baal Gawd (Lord God) which was a pagan deity, it's really bizarre how most Christians couldn't care less.


No. 4 There is YHWH's Shabbat and there is a Jewish Shabbat and in the Rabbinical world the Jewish Shabbat reigns over how YHWH and His Mashiyach revealed Shabbat.  Everybody knows we are not to carry a burden on Shabbat, nor make commerce, nor do what pleases us, however the rabbinate points fingers at Y'shua and decries the action of his disciples for picking and eating grains of corn while walking through a field on Shabbat.  The Rabbinical word charges Y'shua with offences against Torah.  Torah does not say it is wrong to pluck a few grains of corn and eat while walking along on Shabbat, tradition prohibits such activity.  YHWH chooses to heal people on Shabbat but Rabbinical Judaism puts it's tradition as more authoritative than YHWH.  A violation of Torah.  Christianity spurns YHWH's word completely and says Shabbat is for Jews and Sunday for Christians.  Christianity is the syncretism of paganism with elements of the Kingdom of Elohim.


No. 5  Rabbis are notorious for speaking against the counsel of fathers and mothers who are not practicing Jews.  Young Jewish souls hear their Rabbis speak against their fathers and mothers because the Rabbi is right and father and mother are wrong when it comes to religion, traditions and "Judaism."  This is a violation of Torah.  From the time a child turns 13 they are released under the authority of a rabbi who teaches (brainwashes) the child into succumbing to the authority of the rabbi rather than teaching a child how to develop a relationship with YHWH and His Mashiyach.


No. 6 Many Rabbis are murders with their tongues, they orchestrate mock funerals for Jews who choose to follow Y'shua as Mashiyach.  Rabbis gossip, lie and are talebearers and slanderers against Y'shua and his followers, they give themselves justification by themselves and their self made traditions.  This is a violation of Torah.


No. 7  Rabbis endorse adultery by supporting the remarriage of men and women adulterers.  Rabbis give themselves the authority to annul marriages and establish new ones without considering the intent of the Torah of YHWH.  Many Rabbis annul marriages between Jews and a non-Jewish persons, when Jews prefer to remarry Jewish spouses.  This is a violation of Torah.  Christians murder Yeshua (Jesus) every time they wipe their feet off on the cheap Grace gospel that says they can keep on breaking Torah without consequence and then they gossip and slander other Christians who are doing their best to experience an intimate relationship with YHWH by being obedient and keeping His Commandments.


No. 8 Rabbis are thieves who use Torah and tradition to mine for gold, some Rabbis charge exorbitant "handling fees" for marriage ceremonies, bar mitzvahs etc.  Rabbis get paychecks from the State of Israel, many are obese and lazy and undisciplined who do palm readings to make money on the side.  This is a violation of Torah.  Christian evangelists are masters at playing on Christians emotions and sentiments and making Christians feel guilty for not giving to their ministries.  Christian leaders have perfected stealing which is why there is such a proliferation of con-artists who want to be financially supported in a full time "ministry".


No. 9 One of the biggest lies of the Rabbis is they've judged Y'shua Mashiyach and found him to be a sinner, they claim that they had put him to death because of it, you can read all about it in the Talmud.  Every Rabbi that upholds and respects the witness of the Talmud against Y'shua, is then a liar for condemning Y'shua on the basis of false witnesses, it's just that simple.  This is a violation of Torah.  Lies, lies and more lies come from the Christian pulpits each and every Sunday... Christians say... speak to us smooth things, keep telling us what we want to hear because if you don't we'll cross the street and go to another Church in a heartbeat.


No. 10 Rabbis are like many Christian pastors who feel they are entitled to very high levels of materialism for their service to the community.  The "world" does not respect a poor Rabbi or Pastor who doesn't have an obvious show of "blessings."  It's a big ugly religious game that the false shepherds play, it's dangerous but they have no Fear of YHWH.  This is a violation of Torah.  Covetousness is routinely practiced almost across the board by religious leaders and their flocks.  They lay down the guilt on their flocks to "give to Jesus", year after year 95% of all the tithes and offerings in the churches go to pad a pastors bank account and his dream church building, the pews and the parking lot.  Those Christians across the way will know that "God is blessing our ministry" when they see what "God has done" and that "God provides" all the things that "God wants to do" for this ministry because we are "God's gift" to this city and "God help those who don't like what God is doing in this ministry for God's people" and it's all about God not the ministry about God who is God and if you give to this ministry God will bless you abundantly because he is an abundant God and so don't hold back from God or God won't be happy... you don't have a new car because you never gave to GOD and God won't bless a cheapskate like you who doesn't help this ministry teach Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  Repent you sinners and give to God, give, give, give.  "There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men."  And nobody can do it better than religious leaders who are covetous of gain.  The massive Christian churches are monuments of covetousness and greedy power mongering religious men who built steeples higher than the next as epitaphs of their puffed up religious hearts... so what if a few good men fall to their death... it was all for the cause of having a building to glorify their God and of course prove that their church is the big dog on the porch.


I don't dislike Rabbis or pastors but neither do I believe they are as insightful as they are make themselves out to be.  Many Rabbis are much like Pastors who strain at religious gnats and swallow traditional camels.  There is very little difference between what Rabbis do and what Christian pastors do, they each posture their own traditional religious authority and deities.  Oftentimes Pastors speak against "the Pharisees" ("the Jews" or the Rabbis) and the Rabbis speak against traditions of the Christians but this is really a smoke screen or a religious detour the both use to deflect the false teachings off their own "ministries".  Very few Rabbis and Pastors have any true spiritual backbone, they know the consequences of following YHWH would bring dishonor among their peers and flocks, they would be mocked and scorned if they spoke the Truth of YHWH, or Torah and the things of Mashiyach just like YHWH's prophets foretold... and some things never change.


Christian doctrines obfuscate the Word of YHWH by teaching against Torah as though it does not apply to non-Jewish Believers or by making Torah void by replacing Torah with rituals and laws borrowed from pagan heathen traditions.  The fact of the matter is that Y'shua took the Kingdom out of the Rabbis hands and offered it to the Goyim (nations) through Mashiyach, but Y'shua never denied Jews from entering into the Kingdom.  On the contrary, Apostle Paul visited the largest Jewish communities throughout the Western world and gave himself for his people as did the other Apostles.  YHWH maintained Covenant with blessings and curses, but false religion wants us to think it's only blessings that remains for the religious status quo. 


In the same degree the Goyim (Nations) are also obligated to Keep the Commandments in Mashiyach just as Jews who were given YHWH's Covenant but refused Him.  For the Goyim to suppose that Torah is done away with because the Jews couldn't keep it (they say NOBODY can "keep it") is an evil theological premise against YHWH and His Mashiyach and His Word.  What?  YHWH gave Laws that were impossible to keep and then condemned His people for not keeping them?  He is going to burn Jews for breaking the very same Word that Christian theology has also trashed? and then bless the Goyim for not Keeping His Commandments?  That's what Christians are teaching!  The Israelites broke Torah, no one who left Egypt entered into the Promised Land except Joshua and Caleb!  How utterly despicable for Christians to come to such evil conclusions!  But what a convenient lie for the carnal flesh to comfortably continue in sin!


Christian theology has adopted some patently evil and destructive elements, it's objective is simply to package the GOOD NEWS in a manner as to make it popular so masses would subscribe with ease.  The hook is to get people guilt ridden and shamed so they will cough up money and stick with the religious program.   It's important for non-Jewish souls to realize that the GARTI (sojourner) is a title given to the Jew as well as to non-Jews.  Goor or Ger are two Hebrew terms that are both translated as stranger in most Christian Bibles, but refer to those who join with Jewish people to worship YHWH.  The GARTI (sojourner) has a Hebrew numerical value of 613 which is the number of the 613 commandments in Torah.  Torah states there is ONE TORAH for both non-Jews and Jews together and we must realize that not all Torah is given to everyone, some Torah is for men, some for women, some for priests, some for farmers and ranchers, some for the high priest etc..


Y'shua harmonizes the non-Jew and Jew as one soul together in the Malchut Elohim (spiritual equality) so those who think they have some sort of Jewish advantage are deluding themselves.  If a person has a good strong Torah upbringing as a Jew, strong disciplines, a good mind, a desire for truth then yes they will have some healthy advantages.  If a Jew is raised hiloni (secular) and without Torah or Messiah Consciousness then they also must begin their spiritual life with a relatively blank page and be humble and learn and grow day by day as the Ruach haKodesh leads.  The problem is that there are many religious zealots looking for a following unto themselves, most souls don't get much of an opportunity to develop their own testimony and relationship with YHWH because their leaders demand that they do most of their thinking for them.


YHWH calls whom He wills, there are perhaps many more non-Jewish souls who have responded to the Ancient Paths (the One True Faith) than Jews, but according to the Prophets there will come a time when a massive Jewish contingent will awaken spiritually to Torah and Mashiyach and return to the Ancient Paths... it's just a matter of time.


Until then, let's guard ourselves carefully from the religions of this world and if you are a Gentile please take this to heart.


O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto You from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.  Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods? Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know Mine Hand and My Might; and they shall know that my Name is Yahweh.  Jeremiah 16:19-21


Shalom U'Vrachot to all you "Gentiles" who are bookin outta Babylon... :)


YHWH be with you,


Baruch Ben Daniel



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