The Great Disconnect


If you've read or studied Torah (or the Bible) or the Quran and then watched how religious people interpret their "holy books" then you've probably witnessed a disconnect between the plain and simple teachings of the "holy books" and what the corresponding religions teach from them.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam have evolved along with humanism, relativism and materialism, just like the rest of the world.  It seems as all economic, political, environmental and social policies, are theologically interpreted according to the one camp or the other.  Religious folk tend to be nationalistic and "tribal" (exclusive identity) more so than the secular population, but religious people believe Almighty God installed their "secular" Governments into power.  Religious folk see the Hand of God in their religious hierarchies, yet the modern culture of globalism renounces many of the ideals of the Common Good, Liberty, Freedom, protection of wealth and property that all "holy books" teach... I'm sure you could also think of several examples.


For example, Reform Judaism is a new "polytheistic Judaism" nowadays, a new humanism that puts Jewish identity as the pinnacle of Jewish being.  Reform Jews endorse feel good anti-Torah same-sex marriage or whatever "floats your boat" as long as Jewish identity is slapped on, then it's "kosher" and "Jewish" and good to go.  Christianity and Islam market relativism and materialism and global injustice (lawlessness) through the authority of religious hierarchies.  Many view themselves as good religious environmentally conscience Christians yet live according to a code of conduct that is opposite the Word of YHWH (Yahweh, pronounced YAH-WAY) and feel they are within the Kingdom of Elohim (God), why?


Because religious people follow a religious cognition about Mashiyach, rather than the Government of Mashiyach.  Mashiyach never brought a new religion, that was Greco-Roman politics doing that, yet religious hierarchies serve social needs and man-made "salvation" according to religions and theology that is constantly evolving and empowered by secular humanistic cognitives.


The culture of Noah's day has bobbed up from the flood, it now makes up the immoral majority within the modern religions on earth today.  Masses of Pastors, Priests, Imams, Rabbis and Ministers lull their flocks into believing they are "saved" and off to heaven afer they die (or some variation).  Status quo clichés within Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism abound, Rabbis unashamedly give themselves a higher authority that YHWH's prophets and routinely trash YHWH's Authority and His Mashiyach by their traditions.  Rabbinical Judaism has become a priesthood of humanism, materialism and relativism according to a religious authority that negates the Ancient Path of YHWH and His Mashiyach.  Torah is viewed as Jewish theology by Christians and a lever Rabbis use to keep the Jewish status quo.


Rambam’s Introduction to the Mishnah says: “If there are 1000 prophets, all of them of the stature of Eliyah and Elisha, giving a certain interpretation, and 1001 rabbis giving the opposite interpretation, you shall incline after the majority and the instruction according to the 1001 rabbis, not according to the 1000 prophets…Elohim did not permit us to learn from the prophets, only from the rabbis who are men of logic and reason.” 


Rabbis use "logic and reason", Gnosticism, Rationalism but mainly Jewish pride to reinvent their religion based on "logic and reason" to seduces people under hierarchal rabbinical authority.  Jews are warned against private study about Y'shua as Mashiyach while Rabbis finesse and spoon feed their flocks just as Christian Pastors finesse their flocks and elevate the importance of their authority or denominational (label) above their religious competition.


Ever heard Christians rant about those "big differences" between their church and others?  They see themselves as so different when outsiders see minutia between one church group and another.  Theology is a VERY big deal for thirty three thousand eight hundred (33,800) Christian denominations that coexist on thousands of cognitions about God but living like Y'shua lived is far too embarrasing for most Christians and cause for great persecution.


Theological differences are often categorized as "salvational" or "non-salvational" and you get the impression that most Christians have two big buttons; a SAVED and a HELL button.  When you discuss doctrine or spiritual things with Christians, you often wonder how long it'll be before they cover their HELL button ready to smack it. If you're not in their theological camp you're in a suspicious, precarious spiritual state of "unbelief" because of their personal cognitive "theology."  If you are interested to learn how Christianity adopted a theological identity rather than a Mashiyach based lifestyle check out a paper called: Who are the Gnostics?


Here's a blurb from the head of the Roman Catholic church regarding the Word of YHWH:


"Fundamentalism also places undue stress upon the inerrancy of certain details in the biblical texts, especially in what concerns historical events or supposedly scientific truth.  It often historicizes material which from the start never claimed to be historical... Fundamentalism likewise tends to adopt very narrow points of view.  It accepts the literal reality of an ancient, out-of-date cosmology, simply because it is found expressed in the Bible; this blocks any dialogue with a broader way of seeing the relationship between culture and faith.  Its relying upon a non-critical reading of certain texts of the Bible serves to reinforce political ideas and social attitudes that are marked by prejudices --racism, for example -- quite contrary to the Christian gospel."  (The interpretation of the Bible in the Church (Rome: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1993), pp.71-72.)


Herein is the root of modern humanistic Christianity.  The Church has become the "broad way" of mixing pagan culture with what they call "faith", in other words culture and faith make compromise for each other, but the Church dictates the level of compromise and holds authority to pardon of sin.


The Roman Catholic Church has consistently be rife with prejudice, start a Christian Church in a heavily dominated Catholic (Latino) country and you will learn very quickly how that works.  Non-Catholic Pastors and Evangelists are regularly beaten by Catholic priests and henchmen who act as local mafia to control Catholic territory.  If you're not Catholic you are a threat to their cause, the basis of Catholicism is universal authority over all humans.  The word Catholic means "according to (kata-) the whole (holos)" which is why Catholic Christians felt justified in slaughtering Millions of Jews and Protestants throughout their bloody religious conquests (which are far from over, now they plant propaganda and false Bible translations in nearly every Protestant home).


But let's understand how the modern Catholic "gospel" is spread, it's not by Catholic identity so much now but by systematic implantation of Catholic religious values into all the churches.  Most Christians are completely unaware how Rupert Murdock (Catholic) planted his Catholic NIV Bible into Protestant churches and homes.  Murdock made his "substantive changes" to the NIV Bible leading gullible Christian sheep under Catholic authority.  Seventh Day Adventists for example have long held anti-Catholic sentiments but now they give tithes and offerings to the Pope and SDA people are proud owners of the Catholic based NIV "holy book."


Protestants have eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Rather than find their identity in Mashiyach and in the beauty of spiritual revelation in the Word of YHWH, Western Protestant theologians slice their "Holy" books into politico-religious manifestos balanced by the modern religious "culture" of cognitive logic and reason.  This is certainly not the Way of YHWH in Mashiyach that elevates the action of obedience far higher than leaps of thought and empty religious words.


If we want to talk about "cultural" influence we need only consider Bavel (Babylon where language was confused) where YHWH created 70 "language cultures" to preserve mankind.  Culture in itself is simply tribal community collectively responsible to return to YHWH, rather than reinvent new religious tribal kingdoms of one's own making.  We've all heard "racist remarks" that cut down persons of another race  but YHWH created distinctive cultures for His ultimate purpose.  While man's religions lower the value of different cultures and human life they are collectively designed to produce the fruit of kindess, generosity and love between one culture and another.  Time and time again it's religious authorities that are the most abusive against exercising love and kindness across religious and racial lines.


The original Aramaic and Hebrew values within the "Holy Bible" are relational, personal and spiritual, not cognitive "theological" differentiation.  Rather than a charter of intellectual knowledge about YHWH, the Scriptures are the revelation of YHWH's Will and Government for how we are to live.  A wonderfully beautiful element of human existence is to experience the Image of Elohim within our own spirit, the person of Mashiyach (Perfection) living within us, defining us and our life's purpose.


We must EXPECT the Beauty of Mashiyach to be available to all brothers and sisters in our human family, regardless of faith, religion, race, color or gender.  This is true freedom when we talk the freedom to refrain from bullying and exploitation of our human family.  This is a component of perfection, THIS IS THE GOVERNMENT OF MASHIYACH!  Mashiyach created everyone and everything exists in time and space for his purpose therefore his Government is universal and not constrained by the religions of men. 


We would never pit one nationality against another or one religion against another if our underlying motive was to uphold the Government of Mashiyach.  NO, rather we connect to each individual soul according to the spirit within each one, regardless of the outer "garments" each of us wears.  The reason YHWH confounded language was so that mankind would NOT make his own globalist universal god, but this is what mankind is now doing under "you're ok and I'm ok" while living sinful lives according to religious choice.


To help us appreciate the Government of Mashiyach we are now entering the sequence of events mentioned in the Book of Revelation and throughout the Prophets of YHWH.  The Book of Revelation isn't only a futurist revelation, it's a moral story with symbolic and literal goals and ideals.  We are racing towards the time of the ultimate realization of Mashiyach's universal authority, Mashiyach is raising up a formidable opponent to establish the Authority of YHWH, and it's called "globalism." 


On first glance globalism seems to be the logical solution for environmental and growing population needs, however, what we are seeing today as modern universal globalism was experimented 5,000 years ago in Babylon, back when there was one universal Semitic language; one justice system, one monetary system and one religious relativistic political system for all with a vast array of subtle and not so subtle breaches of YHWH's Charter of personal Freedoms to worship Him and Human Rights to live righteously.


Science and religion cannot bring the "Promised Land," the epic catastrophe YHWH foretold through His Prophets is being shown by the emerging signs on earth and in the heavens, even ancient civilizations are speaking to warn modern man, but, mankind is simply being entertained by the evidences of his own imminent destruction.  If you care to see what YHWH is teaching us through the signs in the sun, moon and stars then check out


Very few souls really think that mankind would inhabit the earth forever.  Forever is a long time, we never came from "forever", we had a finite point of coming into existence and most of us know there is a finite point where our existence, as we know it, will terminate.  The interesting thing is that YHWH spoke to us through His Mashiyach and His Prophets and foretold the Grande Finale, therefore, our anticipation and our hope is not without great expectation, His Word shall not return void, but will accomplish what He has set it forth to do.


However, large majorities of "believers" are content to "cope" with the idea of the Kingdom of Elohim and let the Church and State (Government) do all their heavy lifting (thinking).  Most believers are very concerned about what others think and often cannot detach from ideas of the church or synagogue that encourages avoidance of Torah and Mashiyach.  How did we come to be like this?  It's pretty simple. 


There are literal "acid tests" within the "Holy Books" that most refuse to accept.  Christians invented a God called Jesus, we'll all heard of Jesus and you know his mother was Miriam (Mary) and father Joseph (Yoseph) and he was born in Beit Lechem (Bethlehem) Yisrael and rode a donkey up the Kidron Valley to Yerushalayim, along side the Mountain of Olives but what else?


We know Yeshua (Jesus) was circumcised on the 8th day (like Avraham and Moshe) and he entered into Shabbat (Friday night sunset to Saturday night sunset) as every good Jewish boy does.  We know Yeshua (Jesus) didn't eat buttered insects of the ocean (prawns, squid, shrimp, lobster crab... known as the clean up crew).  We know that Yeshua (Jesus) lived a standard of life that brought him into disunity with the modern religions of his day, in fact ALL modern religions of his day, not only the Judaism's but the Greek and Roman cultural secular "religions." 


Most Christians hear a little voice (recording) inside their head saying... Jesus died on the cross... I'm saved by Grace... I like lobster and prawns... I eat bacon... Jesus made me free from "the law".  Theology tells Christians what they can and cannot do and theology is a product of traditional religious hierarchies.  Any talk of Shabbat (the Sabbath) elicits an immediate religious response from Christians, Muslims and Jews; you already have a good idea, think of how each religion views Shabbat, but the point is, what if we didn't think of Shabbat as a theology?  What if we decided to follow Yeshua (Jesus) rather than a religion about him?


What if we viewed Shabbat as the Government of Mashiyach?  Shabbat then is not a do or don't but a connection point of personal experience in Mashiyach.  Who really created Shabbat?  If we reference a Jewish perspective of Mashiyach we discover that " him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him: And he was prior to all, and by him every thing exists."  (Quoted from the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Colossians 1:16, 17). 


Mashiyach is the "Master of Shabbat" there is no existential disconnect between Mashiyach and Shabbat, yet the pure form of Shabbat has been reduced to a Gnostic theological model of "belief" rather than a spiritual personal experience and existence in Mashiyach.  Shabbat is where our neshama (spirits) "exist" by way of a spiritual appointment, if we miss the appointment our neshama does not exist within it, in other words, we tell our hearts to enter into Shabbat, we don't expect our will or mind to automatically instruct us to enter into spiritual rest do we?


Shabbat isn't taking a day off work, or having a big feast (lots of food, wine, dessert, social interaction etc) it's a spiritual rest, a time to enter into Life in Mashiyach, but most religious people "believers" are very busy with other things they feel are more important.  Mainly, religious people have a religion that tells them any day of their choosing could be their Sabbath.  Really?  Shabbat means literally to "seven thyself" and there is only one Seventh day that existed in Genesis 2:2.  Since Genesis 2:2 that same "seven" has repeated itself through the millennia and will happen again this week.


For those who are not Christians perhaps you never heard this before, but, most Christians absolutely REFUSE to live like Jesus because they've invented a new Jesus according to their own religious choices.  Perhaps you've seen the WWJD - What Would Jesus Do, stickers?  Jesus is called "MASTER OF THE SABBATH" in other words HE is the Master of, the essence of, and the fullness of Shabbat!  The Holy Book of Christians says "HE CREATED ALL THINGS AND FOR HIM AND BY HIM ALL THINGS EXIST" and so obviously it was this "JESUS" then who rested on the SEVENTH DAY Shabbat OF CREATION but then a handful of Greek Christians came along and made Shabbat into a theology and made it irrelevant to their religious experience.  Why?  Because Shabbat doesn't mix with pagan culture... SUN-day does.


No way will the VAST majority of Christians be found dead following Jesus by celebrating the Seventh Day Sabbath, why?  The reality is the New Covenant is extended to people of all races and backgrounds as the New Israel (if you will), because the "Israel of the flesh" rebelled against YHWH and made up their own religions about Him.  In reality ancient Israel adopted the ways of the pagans and this is precisely what the church is doing today.


Yeshua was TOO JEWISH, so hence the new "Jesus" persona was slapped on the Mashiyach.  Most Christians see the "Jewish" elements of Jesus simply as "old testament".  For others, it's not wanting to be identified or associated with Seventh Day Adventists or other Christians who go to church on Saturday and who make Shabbat into a wearisome stroking of their religious flesh.  It's a cultural religious thing called TRADITION that interprets the Christian HOLY BOOK and guides the lifestyles of the vast majority of Christians... not so much the RAW truth of Scripture.


IMAGINE...  a young new Christian gets baptized and begins reading his or her new HOLY BOOK when all of a sudden they stumble upon the 72 places in the New Testament where Shabbat is mentioned.  EVERYONE (in the "primitive church") was attending synagogue and meetings on Shabbat!  The young new convert also discovers the word "church" isn't in the original text!  Soon they discover that Shabbat evolved into Sunday by the authority of Gentile post-apostolic Church founders (who were pagans), but  feel that as a Christians they should try to live like Y'shua (Jesus) and desire to experience Shabbat... but look what happens...


Searching through the Yellow Pages the young new Christian convert finds several Christian denominations who meet for church on Saturday, but, to be welcomed into Sabbatarian churches they must succumb to Shabbat as a "testing truth" or "doctrinal position" that breeds segregation and high nose posturing against all other Christian groups who don't go to church on Saturday. 


In other words, the very identity of the new Christian is forced from one denominational tradition into another.  Rather than Mashiyach (Messiah) being the center of Faith, the doctrine of Sabbath becomes a point of distinction.  Look what happens, those from one church go on the attack against those from the other, one theology is pitted against another.  Regardless of which church you enter you will experience acceptance or rejection based on the "tribal status quo".  Christian churches who endorse the Seventh Day Shabbat use Shabbat as a theological axe of religious identity, rather than as an element of the universal Government of Mashiyach as it relates to Set Times or Appointments between YHWH and all His children.


Religious Identity is the straw man of religion rather

than entering into the Perfection of Mashiyach


The work of the Ruach haKodesh (Set Apart Spirit) is to empower us in the Perfection of Mashiyach, the same Perfection that put him on the torture stake.  The war Mashiyach waged and won for us was so we could follow him and lay down man's religion and his frail government.  Christians want and need POWER to overcome the carnal (old man) flesh.  The POWER of love and joy and forgiveness is what draws a person to becoming a Christian in the first place, but the tools to define and apply love are not theological but experiential and righteous, found in verses like...  check this out:


"If you love me, keep my Commandments." 


When we do in fact keep YHWH's Commandments we become FREE of religion and man's relativistic governments.  HOWEVER, the church teaches that the Commandments of YHWH are bondage.  See the difference?  So now the new Christian has a choice to make, follow the Church people or follow Mashiyach?  You can't have both.  You can't serve two masters.


As it was in the days of Noah,

so shall it be when the Son of Man (Mashiyach) returns.


Obviously "the church" as we see it today is not THEE church that is mentioned in the HOLY BOOK, far, far from it.  The church today is made up of the same "spiritual people" who were treading water in Noah's day.  There are 613 good reasons that tell us why the earth was destroyed in the flood.  There are 613 Mitzvoth (Commandments) approximately that define good and evil and every Christian denomination on earth slices and dices these Commandments according to their hierarchical traditional pagan authorities.


The signs in the heavens are telling us a profound story right now, as I write there are solar and lunar eclipses falling on the Moedim (appointed times), solar flares of the sun (on Shavuot), blood moons, red moons, sackloth moons, the ancient prophetic "Wheel of Stars" are telling us a story that precious few souls care to acknowledge, why?  False prophets are looking for financial support, fear mongering or sedating you, loading you up with guilt, creating both urgency and complacency, destabilizing your world, your money, your life and preaching peace and safety for you the loyal follower.  Destabilize you and make you dependant on religion to control you (Hegelian effect) so as to supply a guru factor for you.  That is the job of your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi or next door neighbor "Bible Thumper" when all Mashiyach asks is that you draw close to him and he promises to draw close to you.


The world as we know it is heading towards a major collision with reality, this is not just my opinion.  Maybe you believe this, yet why do you continue to live as you do?  Why do you trust "the system" to protect you and transgress YHWH's Torah (Law) by your tradition?  Why do you suppose that a rapture is imminent?  Why does mankind need to work towards bringing Mashiyach (Messiah) by reconstructing this place.  Is mankind going to fix the big "capitalistic booboo" we've made?  No, you don't really believe that do you?  Of course not, what "mankind" is doing is creating a global hierarchy and building the new relativistic, humanistic and materialistic Babylon.


Shall we not even consider reality dear reader?  All the governments of this world, all the commerce, and the industrialized system is rooted in "Babylon" an ancient paganism that has been transformed into the new humanism.  It provides the new financial wherewithal for powerful capitalistic minorities to raise up new governments, new economies, new hirelings.  The new generation of white collar criminals has no interests in curbing corruption because they epitomize corruption.  Their thoughts and deeds are evil continuously... according to every "HOLY BOOK" that exists on this planet, therefore, the literal words of the "Holy Book" have become the enemy of modern civilization.  The great disconnect is right under your nose and it's called "theology", the new priesthood has interpreted the Bible and you've swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.


It doesn't matter whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or New Age, all religious leaders are compelled to tell certain lies, in both the spiritual and literal worlds they steal and murder souls every day because of the praise of men.  Religious folk flatter and fear one another, they measure themselves by themselves, their "success" is measured according to their success.  How big is the circle of reason? how complex the theological model? how impressive the extensive intellectual library? but reality looms within the Name of YHWH and His Mashiyach.


Humanism is so deeply embedded within the religious worlds that Rabbis, Pastors and Imam's couldn't live "the truth" if their lives depended upon it, they would be shunned.  The false priesthoods have been sent strong delusions that they believe in their own lies.  But how could a loving God do this?  We must look to Justice and Perfection for the answer, not a religious interpretation of the Fathers love.


Mashiyach shows us the attributes of LOVE that are rooted in JUSTICE, perfect Justice!  YHWH is just and fair and Set Apart from man's religious traditions, no one can serve two Masters, we either love One or we "love" the other.


Through the prophets YHWH warned; "the false pen of the scribe has written falsehood" and that means a lot of people have HOLY BOOKS that are a product of humanism, relativism and materialism etc..  LIFE ITSELF is sacred (SET APART to YHWH).  LIFE itself is very, very important to the Architect of Life.  Your LIFE is important and that's the reason I would bother to write these thoughts in the first place.  Truth be told I'm compelled to write, it's therapy to study and think and write and meet others who've arrived at similar conclusions.


The MIND that created the UNIVERSE wrote Torah.  If you think we're a product of random chance let me simply say that your religion (system of belief) about the origin of life is your religion, you and the "professor/s" have a system of belief based on reason, logic, science and technology and all that together is a body of rules or laws of philosophy called EVOLUTION, a manmade code of belief and identity of being and existence on this planet.


Those epi-genetic codes that create health, sickness or death in our DNA are triggered by the Mind that created the Universe.  EVOLUTION tells people that there is not a MIND behind the design and architecture of life, the god or higher power of the EVOLUTIONIST is man's knowledge or "nature".  Evolutionists are satisfied with their "final answer" like all the other "ism's" who have the answers to life but let's not beat up the Evolutionists, rather let's consider our own involvement and contribution to the destruction of the planet and our own little wars against the Perfection of Mashiyach.


And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come,

and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,

and that You should give reward unto Thy servants the prophets,

and to the saints, and them that fear Thy Name, small and great;

and should destroy them which destroy the earth

Revelation 11:18


The Architect of Life promises to reformat LIFE, let's not think only of the environmental consequences, let's think about who owns the intellectual property of LIFE itself.  The intellectual property of Perfection was given to sustain our ENVIRONMENT, not destroy it.  Isn't sustaining the environment and environmental consciousness a moral ethical thing?  Is keeping fresh water away from famished infants a moral thing?  Is equalization of wealth moral?  Is liberty, freedom and protection of person and property a moral issue?  What is moral in our eyes and where do we go to find about moral?  A dictionary?  A university?  A pub?  A HOLY BOOK?  We must defibrillate a dead moral with a new inner dictionary... Christians refer to that as being "born again" a metaphysical or SPIRITUAL infusion of moral capital.  Jews call it TESHUVA, the Jewish mind stops playing god and DOES TORAH, we become vessels of moral, not repositories of external or ideological concepts about moral.


Tsedakha "RIGHTEOUSNESS" is "RIGHT", NOT "do what is right in our own eyes" but become transformed by "right".  We are to be stewards of thought, will, emotions, our spirits and actions are empowered through GREATNESS within us, this is called the IMAGE OF ELOHIM.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is LIFE!  Rather than choose a religion to cope with life, where religion is master, we choose to "be" we choose reality therefore we see the temporal religious identity as external and the Government of Mashiyach as our internal guide.


What is Truth?  We experience truth by being obedient and non-rebellious towards Perfection.  If we protect life and prosper according to our ultimate fullest potential, then we have achieved ultimate truth but our potential is in Mashiyach not in the mundane or trivial temporal existence where ego dominates our will.


Everyone knows that the Way of YHWH and His Mashiyach is not popular, it's more convenient to join social clubs of like minded "believers" and yak about the economy, government policy, "theology", "tradition" and "us verses them" rather than return to the Ancient Path of Life.  Christians enjoy comfortable venues where church people are impassioned by positive motivational sermons, Jews are lulled by Jewish identity, it's comfort food for the ego, for the pride man. 


However, the earth is going through a moral and spiritual dark age of worse proportion than ever.  There is a famine in the land for reading and understanding YHWH's revealed Word regarding LIFE.  YHWH's Word has been relegated to old or passé religion, rather than the revelation of LIFE and purpose.  Christians (Marcion) have even coined words to state displeasure with YHWH's Word as the "OLD" Testament part of His Perfect "HOLY BOOK."  Christians teach that Laws in the Old Testament were done away with, no longer important, they have a "NEW HOLY BOOK" Testament translated by theologians to suit modern religious freedom.  The sad thing as that the vast majority of Christians would way rather die rather than be forced to live for truth, even though their HOLY BOOK was originally written in Aramaic and has been preserved for nearly 2,000 years.  The reality is that the original teachings of Mashiyach are alive and well, and POWERFUL, bringing deep inner power to the soul, but it also brings the worst dark forces against it... because it happens to be TRUTH.  And it's only the truth that will set you free.


As it was in the days of Noah,

so shall it be when the Son of Man (Mashiyach) returns.


Science and technology has helped reveal the beauty and Design of YHWH's Creation yet religious and intellectual men use man's intelligence to spurn LIFE itself and relegate life to heaven or hell, survive or not survive.


Most don't even want to consider where the earth is headed, most would rather avoid change and lie to themselves by making believe there is nothing they can do.  Most have resigned themselves to let religion, government and the "best science" and "capitalism" take care of "the problem" and even do their thinking for them but...


Inaction against evil is to make agreement with it.


Less than 60,000 people control 99% of all money, wealth and the governments on this earth.  Only one tenth of one percent of the USA's annual income could provide water and food to every thirsty and starving soul on our planet, and shelter, and comfy clothes, and comfy beds to sleep in tonight.  But someone has a moral that says, no way.  Give them food and shelter and they'll make more babies and babies will breathe our air and eat our food and drink our water and make more babies.  The voice within man is what makes the man.  Money for food is essential but money and talent for JUSTICE is far more vital to sustain human life and it's at famine proportion in the developed countries, to the same extent that their is a famine for good in the "under developed countries."


Y'shua (Jesus), Torah (the Word and Covenant of YHWH) and the Prophets of YHWH continue speaking TRUTH and LIFE into the modern age where TRUTH is neither fashionable nor politically correct nor intellectually satisfying for the vast majority of humanity.


Truth is the ultimate power.


It is not MIGHT, but it is TRUTH rules the world, contrary to popular opinion.  Truth says that mankind will destroy himself because he has chosen to go it alone and spurn his own LIFE.  We are entering into a time when this TRUTH is becoming self evident.  As humanist religious "solutions" propose more injustice, more control, more poverty and hunger and destabilization, the governments of mankind are being stripped naked and found wanting, the wars, the suffering, and the torment on the earth can clearly be seen as a result of the egotistic demonic pride of "fallen" man. 


Recently a Christian lady vying for leadership in America suggested that it was God Who sent Americans into Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people have been slaughtered by USA shock and awe.  The displacement of Shia leaders for Sunni has destabilized the country causing families to go to war against each other and breed hatred towards each other.  The god that Christians follow is a god of their own making, a superpower god who keeps their materialism flowing.


The Evolutionist with blame his "evolutionary monkey" for going mad and nuking himself, he has nowhere to go but bring about destruction, the strong they believe, will survive.  The Evolutionist plans his survival through the destruction and exploitation of the weak.


The enemies Hegelian tactics bring confusion, pit one camp against the other, make diversions and distractions, confuse even those who spawn their own tactics, but the Truth remains.  Mankind does not have the resources outside of YHWH and His Mashiyach to govern himself with Fairness, Equality and Justice.   Mankind has made his own "truth" to oppress and marginalize the weak and many religious souls think of the poor as deserving their lot in life.  Religions are pitted against each other.  Messiah Consciousness is pitted against Torah Consciousness, religion is the product of ego that diverts attention from the Creator towards the institutions and hierarchies of man but:


Truth withstands Time


YHWH has appointed time itself, the material world must obey time which YHWH has total dominion over, and time will not change to suit mankind's plans.  In the beginning YHWH created the material universe and He spoke and taught of the end, from the beginning of time.  The observance of the Seventh day Shabbat, for example, is our response to YHWH's Commandment that we respect His dominion over time.  Man's choices and decisions were also known by YHWH before mankind was created, things like the flood, and the destruction of the cities of the plain (Sodom and Gomorrah), and all the "natural disasters" were programmed into the earth before mankind existed.  Things are "miracles" or "natural disasters" or "acts of god" from man's viewpoint as YHWH unleashes the consequences of time for earth's inhabitants to witness.  YHWH has "spoken" events into place before the foundations of the earth, He says so according to His Word and His Word is Truth.


Wormwood (a meteor spoken of by John in Revelation) is an example of how YHWH explained mankind's finite existence tous, this is not a death blow of "nature," but YHWH's programmed Hand upon the natural world, and the Word of YHWH has set it forth.  Each of the "plagues" are prophesied to revisit the earth and they also have been timed according to YHWH's clock.  HE doesn't need man's opinion or religion to dictate how or when this will happen.  It has been done according to Perfection, but we must look to YHWH to gain His Wisdom as it pertains to our own individual choices regarding our time on this planet.


We either see His Hand in time and space or we don't, but many get caught up in the material world according to the gods of this present system of time, materialism, payments, religion and science whose intellects and leaders want us to believe they own time.  Evolutionists spin long yarns of human history they've made for themselves, to appear as the masters time, but these "wise men" are as fools, wise unto each other, flattering one another, fearing each other, and living to receive the praise of one another.  The Christian world owns their own time within "the rapture theory" and "resurrection" and going to "heaven" as though they have already apprehended such things.  Christians think they have the key to time, but when it comes to living each day in MASHIYACH?  NO WAY!  Bear the infamy of truth?  Be a Noach? a Daniel?  an Abraham?  Walk away from religion and the church?  Nope.  Yet this is what ALL the men in the "Bible" did in order to go to themselves (lech lecha) and find LIFE in YHWH!


Those who belong to YHWH are preparing for even morally lean days ahead, when "the beast" goes on a wicked tirade against the earth and YHWH's people.  The truth is that YHWH says that He will unleash His own indignation against all the nations who have rebelled and scorned His Kingdom.  The Word of YHWH is being fulfilled each day.  "Truth" is covering the world like a flood, in the days of Noah it was water that purified and separated.  Ironically, "the waters" in Scripture symbolizes people, but there are waters that lead to death and others that leads to LIFE.


We live "in" the TRUTH of YHWH, everything that happens is a product of TRUTH revealed.  The fallen homosexual world testifies and points to truth by showing the finite and predictable nature of fallen man's propensity to justify his rebellion.  As mankind becomes more rebellious, the reality of the TRUTH of YHWH's Word becomes more absolute.


Humanity is headed toward an extremely painful Grande Finale as the Truth of the empty fallen bankrupt nature of man reveals itself and Sanctifies the Name of YHWH.  For Christians and "believers" who think they've got it all in the bag, YHWH's prophets say the opposite.  It is "Jacob's Time of Trouble" not "Israel's"  time of Trouble for an important reason.  Jacob represents the carnal man, the old man, the old flesh, the unregenerate man, BUT it was Jacob was the recipient of the promise, just like Jews and Christians today who have "received" "HaShem" or "the LORD" on their own religious terms.


Most "believers" exemplify Jacob, certainly not the regenerated spiritual Israel.  We each fight our own "angels and demons."  The Christian world mocks Torah and spurns Mashiyach by cheating against the Renewed Covenant, this epitomizes the fallen nature of man.  Judgment will begin in the house of YHWH, those who say they belong to Mashiyach but do not live in him will see the great disconnect from the wrong side of the battle.  Having imbibed in religious comfort food of "anti-Messiah" most souls are anti-Torah and anti-Truth because they refuse to sanctify the Name of YHWH according to Mashiyach right here and now.


YHWH's prophet Amos says "Woe unto you who desire the Day of YHWH" many religious people live in an extremely selfish and egotistical world of their own making, they think it is normal, they have given themselves rewards that YHWH has not given, their blessings are humanism, religion and materialism.  LOOK how God has blessed us they say... and then they point their fingers to their material "blessings", no this is not the measure of blessing, rather it has become a curse upon them in so many ways.  Can they let go of material addiction and take up Mashiyach?  Can we be content and satisfied apart from humanism, materialism and relativism?  It's not easy, but it is possible.


The "religious worlds" are moving rapidly into collision with Truth.  TRUTH does not and cannot move aside, it is perfect, powerful and fixed in position.  The universe is finite and man cannot change the destiny of his "spiritual man" through materialism, humanism, relativism or any form of man-made religion.  False religious leaders are naked of TRUTH, they've sold their souls for a moment of dominion and power with a religion, rather than humble themselves and serve the Creator they serve mammon and ego and self importance.


The majority of Bible prophecy has NOT been fulfilled, not even close. The Great "Day of YHWH"  is yet to come, the acharit hayamim (latter days), the time of Ya'akov's trouble is at our doorstep.  Those who know the Word are in awe.  The Word of YHWH says that the SET APART people tremble because of what is foretold of the "End of Days."   The Prophets copiously foretell present and future events and the media rushes forth to get the story after it happened.


The purpose of this website is simply to help you consider building a spiritual ark.  Differentiate between good and evil and respond to the present reality.  We individually consider the things that are befalling LIFE and we must act to preserve life, even if it is only our own.  History has shown us time and time again that following the multitudes to destruction doesn't bring any glory to YHWH's Name.


Man cannot live by bread alone, he cannot survive by separating himself from the Father of LIFE and go it alone, mankind is dependant upon the Word of YHWH for survival, not the word of man.


It's a bit too late to cry wolf after the sheep have been mutilated and sacrificed to humanism.  The wolves of false religion and humanism abound, dressed in finery, speaking smooth and pleasant things they lull lambs to the slaughter.  If you are trusting in Y'shua Mashiyach to save you from a perverse and wayward generation then wouldn't you think it important to press into the Ancient Paths, wherein the good way is?  Y'shua did not make void the Torah of YHWH as the Word of Life, or the Commandments of YHWH, HE IS THE WORD!!  Torah is Freedom.  It is false and mindless religion that speaks of an "OLD" Testament and puts forth anti-Torah propaganda from the pulpits.


Truth did not remake Y'shua into a Greek JeZeus god any more than Truth keeps Torah away from the non-Jewish world.  But the religious lies continue generation after generation, the truth is One Kingdom.  One People.  There is no religious hierarchy in "heaven" only righteous servanthood.  Rabbinical Judaism makes itself out to be a great religious authority, superseding YHWH and Torah and speaking evil against Y'shua as Mashiyach, yet many "Believers" accept Rabbinical lore and anti-Torah teaching that pits Gentiles against Jews and Jews against Gentiles.  Why?  Because it's the easy road of religion.


Every Christian that goes to church on Sunday is a product of  the Caligula approved Greek based perverted pedophile fornicating Roman sun-wheel obelisk religion that made Sunday the day of worship.  Protestant Christians will fight to the death to defend their "right" to follow the Harlot Church of Rome, Church on Sunday, Ishtar on Easter, and Tammuz day for Christmas.  But in Truth Mashiyach is Master of Shabbat.  It is Mashiyach who rested on the Seventh Day of Creation from all His works. 


Those who say they know Y'shua yet spurn His Shabbat have bought into the lies of the enemy and they also murder with their tongues, gossip and scorn those who have entered into Mashiyach Y'shua by resting on His Perfect Shabbat.  Simple and honest acts of obedience are far more meritorious that the theological posturing of a thousand Rabbis, theologians or Pastors.  Shabbat is not a do or don't, it is a way of being, a way of entering Mashiyach, it predated Jews and Avinu Avraham and Noach and goes back to the spiritual unity of time and space, that is joined within your own spirit.  It's beautiful and wonderful and majestic, it's not a theology or cerebral ideology but a destiny that is attached to the Author of Time.


Religion is the barrier that insulates people from knowing YHWH and His Mashiyach.  Religious people accept the syncretism of humanism, materialism, relativism and paganism into the Word of YHWH, they want rewards for breaking Torah.  In the religious worlds people "make it big" by rubbing shoulders with pious Rabbi's, TV Evangelists or by spouting off Christian denominational identities which is the "religion of the people," invented by the people and for the people.


BUT FAITH demands a flying leap out of "Babylon" and a return to the "Ancient Paths" that Jeremiah, Isaiah, Rav Shaul and Mashiyach Y'shua taught!  Most who've been invited to "walk therein" couldn't be bothered, how about you?  How's your ark coming along?  How are those white robes doing?  Many Christians expect to be rewarded by a "rapture of the saints," BUT the Prophets of YHWH say that "multitudes and multitudes" will be in the Valley of Decision (Judgment), expressly referring to backslidden Israel (Christians and Jews) who followed false religion way too far and do not know where or how to turn home to YHWH!


What is inside of the Ark of the Covenant is of far more importance than the box that enshrouds it.  The potential inside of you is far more profound than the sum of your existences.  The present is your POWER.  Your destiny is in the present, not in the past or the future.  It is not these words on a page that speak to you, is it your OWN SPIRIT that your spirit defines your existence or Mashiyach within you.  That is why Y'shua said, "Today is the acceptable day of salvation" not yesterday or tomorrow.  Today if you will hear His Voice, then turn (teshuva) and return to YHWH.


The Image of Elohim is the promised gift that indwells and causes the soul to become a new creation in Mashiyach.  Torah is life, your life, keeping of YHWH's Commandments is reward, FAITH is married to obedience.  The dead letter kills because manmade traditions cannot bring renewal of spiritual life, only the Word of YHWH living inside of us will bring life.  The dead letter is religion that says "you don't have to keep the Commandments", or "you don't have to keep the Seventh Day Shabbat".  It is not a matter of "having" to keep Commandments but rather a matter of having Torah written upon your heart as a state of being.  We open the door to the Kingdom of Elohim by surrendering to His Word.


Do you give theologians the authority to tell you what part of YHWH's Word to observe?  Is your religion about do's and don'ts?  Can and Cannot's?  Yes it is, tell the truth.  Christians say that Jesus paid the price so they can now keep the two greatest Commandments.  Love God.  Love your neighbor.  This has become the cliché of the Millennium, but the HOLY BOOK says to LOVE GOD means to KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, yet the Church says His Commandments are done away with?  Who will you believe?


The HOLY BOOK says LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR but the Church says rich the Jews are taking over the earth and the Muslims are terrorists.  What the HOLY BOOK says about LOVE, most Christians have turned into a hateful thing.  Adultery?  Lying?  Gossip?  Borrowing and not repaying their debts?  Breaking Covenants?  Not keeping their word?  Coveting?  Not honoring father and mother?  Slandering others that don't agree with their theology? 



Really, uur righteousness is as filthy rags?  We're all decrepit sinners?  We all have depravity of our souls?  Can you not see the rhetoric of the false church system?  There is no redemption in willful sin, there is no "salvation" to those who practice willful and repeated sin, who cares what your pastor or favorite TV preacher has to say?  Mashiyach is our purification from sin, our willful sin, our will to continue to sin, this is what must be "purified" and there is a redemption only when we choose to have Torah written upon our hearts and choose to live like Mashiyach showed us.


When Torah is written upon our hearts then the Word of YHWH is our delight.  Torah is Freedom.  Religion is the dead letter.  Religion is bondage to man.  Torah is LIFE and Life abundantly.  We know we have entered into life when JUSTICE and keeping the Commandments of YHWH are our delight.


When we are empowered to keep Torah, not because we have to, but because we ARE Torah, Torah lives within us, Torah is Spiritual, Torah is alive and bringing us JOY, PEACE and COMFORT and infusing the power to LOVE everything and everyone.  Torah is the Spirit of Mashiyach within us.


The true destiny of man is to return to Adam Kadmon (Adam before sin), and be born from the beginning.  This does not come about by religion or by attending meetings, BUT by waiting upon YHWH, meditating in His Spirit and hearing from Him.  YHWH's people are called to be a Kedoshim (Set Apart people), not islands to ourselves with religious dogmas that separate us according to various doctrines.  The carnal man sees himself according to the identity of a religious label.  The spiritual man recognizes his spirit as the central part of his relationship with YHWH, therefore he does not judge his own neshama (spirit of man) according to external religious ideals, but according to Mashiyach within. 


We are all on a journey.  We are only able to control our thoughts and actions and become vessels of honor to Mashiyach when we observe Torah, keep YHWH's Commandments and live according to what is Set Apart (Holy), Just and Good according to YHWH.


The Truth is more valuable than life,

because Truth sustains life and life came into existence

by the Author of Truth.


Mashiyach said

the Truth will set you free.


Thanks for visiting,


YHWH be with you!


Shalom U'Vrachot,


Baruch Ben Daniel


*according to online Christian sources (Christian Encyclopedia) there are currently 33,800 denomination on earth as of 2007 and growing.



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