Shalom and Blessings to you,


Thanks for reading and considering the material on this site, the odd person actually reads this but the fact of the matter is a lot of what I've been writing here is simply me trying to make sense of religion and compare it with Scripture.  Truth be told I originally purchased this site because I liked the name, and I wrote a few things but then revised, edited and tried to frame ideas about the Kingdom that I felt are important for us all to consider.


I started writing simply because I wanted to say a few things, exercise my freedom of speech and get some stuff out there is where I've posted many more ideas about the Faith that was Once Delivered, in Mashiyach Yeshua.


I do not profess to be a great writer, I'm often revising how I say things, I understand my handicaps when it comes to putting thoughts down on paper and I hope you will look beyond the grammar mistakes and inconsistencies and consider the ideas I'm trying to bring forward.  I think the world desperately needs to differentiate between religions about Mashiyach and what he teaches us is the way we are to live and be true disciples.


I think it's very sad how religion has put people at war against each other.  There is war in my own family simply because I refuse to exercise religious bigotry towards others and because I've written articles condemning religious and racial bigotry, but I meet a lot of religious people who demand one sort of bigotry or another in order to be received into their beloved. 


Here in the lower mainland of British Columbia I find leaders who are threatened by open and honest questions about their religious practices.  The big question the one-man-show leaders hate the most is when you question their authority to be leaders.  Why aren't leaders responsible to a beit din? It's a simple thing really.  Three or more men come together to pray together, reconcile disagreements, help each other resolve things for their community, be accountable to one another and be transparent before their congregations.  It's a requirement of all communities according to Scripture, yet religious leaders want to be one-man-shows and are threatened by having to be accountable for what comes out of their mouths and for their lifestyles.


I think I'm a pretty personable guy who feels comfortable around people, all people really.  I mix with Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Evolutionists, Sikhs and Hindus etc and always seek to find the common ground between us, a Messianic connection.  I understand first hand how religion is destroying people, I look at how my own life has gone and how trying to find common ground when people want to hate each other often brings a scar.  I'm thinking that my readers know a thing or two about scars if you've been on a pursuit of the Kingdom of Elohim.


I can't call my mother without some hateful thing coming out of her mouth against me, my older brother and sister took me to court to try to force me to comply with their wishes that I not publish articles against racial and religious bigotry.  Back in 1993 when I discovered a family member had began a hateful campaign against Jews it occurred to me that religion is the ultimate cover-up and deception for an unconverted, loveless heart.  Groups of religious people can easily justify their common hatred towards others by simply their theological entitlement based on their common interpretation of their Holy Book.  Over the years I found myself being part of a smaller and smaller group of people who live by Faith, are obedient to Torah but don't have the religious bigotry against people of other religions or races or carry other theologies.


Sure you will see that I have my own beliefs about what the Scriptures tell us and yes I might say things in a blunt manner at times but I don't demand that you agree with me, I only ask that you give me the opportunity to consider what your insights are and that you consider some of mine.  If we compare Orthodox Jewish religious communities with Charismatic Christian communities for example we quickly discover that people are heavily conditioned by their religious environments, people act and think and talk according to what their tribal instincts tell them and each community has it's own set of tribal rules and regulations and religious expectations on each other.  I think when Mashiyach returns and even before he does there is going to be a huge train wreck as the major world religions and economies try to harmonize with each other but then discover the incompatibilities are there not because of religious dogma but because the underlying spirit of false religion is based on ultimate control and the destruction of those who get in the way.  I think we've all seen these things happen first hand in our own little microcosm.


Religion doesn't have the patience to respect diversity of religious opinion because religion itself is the authority of absolutism, that's what most people want.  They want to be right about God and I don't think they realize that their ideas about God are simply a reflection of their own souls being projected on who they think Jesus is.  I'm amazed at how you can open up a Bible and show people what it says and they will argue that it doesn't say that.  Then you can show them history and they will argue that's not right.  Then you can show them cause and effect situations throughout history and they will argue that it doesn't matter, their theology is right and you are wrong because you don't agree with them.  Ultimately religion is the perfect method of mind control because people are passionate about their salvation and to know they will be saved and they and their dead relatives will all go to heaven after they die.  People desperately want to be affirmed that their life isn't going to be a waste and their loved ones who also followed the same religion are going to be in heaven too.


But if we read the Scriptures we find that most people who are pining away for heaven really don't have a hope in hell of making it, neither they nor their relatives because the Word of YHWH says simply that, "If you love me, keep my Commandments". 


I could provide a long list of stuff about my life, my experiences, my dreams, my goals, successes and failures, my own  "qualifications"... but why?  I'm not looking for a following or your money, but simply to belong to a people, Yahweh's people.  I can related to someone crying out in the wilderness.  I've emptied tears for family and friends and for lost years and lost love and I continue meeting so many people who are so very indifferent towards the Master of the Universe who gave us our lives. 


I often find myself the loneliest when I'm around those who call themselves "believers", those who live carnal and selfish lives and turn up for a meeting once a week to discharge their religious obligation.  I don't relate to many religious people, and many people think I'm too strict, that I'm too religious myself.  Even though I'm careful to not carry a religious identity that would put me in one box or another, but that doesn't matter of course, people will do that for you anyways.  I don't need to superimpose my Faith over everything I might discuss with someone.  I'm interested to find out how the Word of Yahweh can be applied to my life and I enjoy helping others make discoveries as well.  I've lived and studied among people of very diverse religions and find that religion itself has it's own personality of pride and ego and ownership and bigotry that is like comfort food or a drug addiction that is used to disrespect the souls and sovereignty of other human beings.


Many times when I'm around religious people I see that the Bible is teaching exactly the opposite of what they are preaching to others, and many cannot muster up enough love and compassion or caring about another human to help make a better world for them, unless of course everyone is on the same "religious" page, then religion accepts it's own and welcomes it's own, but woe to those who spot a fly in the religious ointment.


I teach Torah and Mashiyach every week, people come and visit at my home and I go out and meet others, but most couldn't care less about living the Word of YHWH, many have interest to hear about Torah and consider being obedient to Mashiyach, but only on their own terms.  One fellow said, "forget the Law" as he was leaving a home fellowship where I was teaching.  "Forget the Law" he said, after I taught a class on Torah being written upon the heart, about how the Word asks us to have Torah written upon our hearts.  But the fellow said, it's all about grace, everything is grace, Jesus, and grace.  He and his wife are smitten with the cheap grace Christian gospel that has been drilled into them all their lives and they have become champions of their religion, one works fulltime in their Church to keep the cheap grace boat afloat.  I think it's a shame, a religious travesty, an abomination to YHWH and His Mashiyach for people to say... "forget the Law"... who needs it when they have a religion that makes them feel accepted in the beloved.


Church people can be pure evil, self-centered materialists just like those they condemn as the "unsaved" of the world, they are begging for judgment but expect their rapture and palaces in heaven.  The Church employs people, pastors and staff to keep their religious traditions alive, which they call their "faith" but it's is all about a god they made in their own likeness, a religion about the Jesus they've fashioned with their one minds.  The original Faith is condemned as being "too Jewish" or too "legalistic"... too inconvenient... too embarrassing.  The fact is that if a Christian turns from their false anti-Torah religions their family members and church people will burn them alive with their gossip for doing so, I've seen it time and time again, over and over.


It's so much easier to go right back into the churches and synagogues, get that reassuring pat on the back, rally around the old religion, be "accepted in the beloved" and retain the religious ideas that are so very popular.  Then, for many who are trying to come out of the false religious systems they often go headlong into another problem, there are charlatans who spend all their time cursing the modern religious systems, many have been "hurt by the church" or synagogues who talk about Torah and righteousness but use anti-religion as their new cliché and common ground of belonging.  As long as you find fault with religion you're in their good books, but what about us, what about seeing ourselves being transformed into the Image of Elohim.  What's the point of studying Torah but not being willing to bear the infamy of obedience to YHWH?  Many of the Torah crown can't stop their lifestyles of gossip and being ill-equipped to serve and minister to others and overcome their own carnal flesh.  Most "believers" will cope with their carnal flesh and use a doctrine to justify it rather than get down to business and root out the carnal thinking, the lack of vision, the complacency, the indifference towards others.


There is culture of "believers" who find fault with the churches and synagogues but who have no power to be conformed to Mashiyach, they talk of conspiracies and the lovelessness continues within their souls towards their fellow man.  They've identified another problem, talk about the problem, became enemy centered because of the problem (them and us mentality) but don't live according to the solution, they live and talk against the problem as they see it.


Until we have the courage to admit our own failings

expose our own weak flesh and face our own demons

there is no way we can help build a truthful fellowship

 that is Messiah centered.


When I see indifference and the shame among the believers who claim to be living for Yeshua, I give it my best shot to try to help overcome the carnal attitudes, but what often happens is people don't want to change.  You become the source of their problem.  Carnal people will try to minister to you and find fault with you and try to fix something in you that in fact is being mirrored from their own flesh.  This can be evidenced in epic proportions in the Charismatic movement, only a few visits to a Charismatic group and the super spiritual of the bunch will have a list of things "the spirit" told them that you have to clean up.  Charismatic Christians will bring you down to their level very quickly and if you don't agree with their assessments and condemnation and fault finding of your wretched soul then you're obviously not as "spiritual" as they are.  The Scripture calls that kind of thing witchcraft.  The churches are full of witches who simply want to have authority over your soul the minute you walk through the door as a visitor.


Your sovereignty and respect is checked in before you enter the foyer of the church, if you're different and believe me they will probe and find any little theological difference very quickly so they can put a spiritual profile on you.  They will not treat you as a child of Elohim (God) but simply as a potential convert and supporter of their religion, rather than find out who you are in Mashiyach they are busy with a strategy to make you their "disciple".  This is a common trait among all religious people.


The alternative to Christian witchcraft is very simple and wonderful.  When I meet someone I want to listen to their testimony and hear where the Spirit of Yahweh is leading them and encourage them in the way they are being led and in how they want to be strengthened in their walk with Mashiyach.  And I want to know if they are overcoming the religious spirit and the religious attacks against their souls and whether we are bandaging over bullets and shrapnel of the enemy or whether we have a lasting and dynamic joy in serving Yahweh and one another and being obedient to His Torah.


Sure I have my own pride and I have to fight my own demons.  I've yet to meet someone who doesn't have to deal with that part of life.  The most wretched of souls are they who hide their carnal lives behind their religion and don't think others will notice.  It's always a pleasure to meet an honest and sincere person who is fighting the good fight, but more times than not, people give up or never think of putting themselves on the Potters Wheel and start cleaning up their lives.  I certainly don't always walk in the purest of humility and wisdom, I see limitations in myself, but I also see more and more souls who are being led along the same paths as I... to "come out of her My people, lest we be partakers of her plagues" and come out from among them and be separate.  Religion (Babylon) is a hard taskmaster.


Pardon me if you see some carnal flesh (the carnal insecure man) poke out here and there, this website may have my name on it but it's not really about me or what I think, the idea is to put up a mirror for myself and all of us and see our religion for what it is.  Garbage.  Also, I welcome anyone comments suggestions and help to make my own words better, more accurate, more effective, more loving, more appropriate to the things of Mashiyach.  Let me know how fruitful your ministry is, if you have something to teach me or show me about the Kingdom that you feel will benefit, I would be delighted to learn.  I'm not so much into theory of religion in fact I'm much more of a nephesh b'nephesh (soul to soul) kind of guy who enjoys hearing and sharing and understanding the spiritual experiences of others.


Let's not forget that Yahweh foretold the future of human life on this planet from thousands of years ago!!!  Look at how His Word is being confirmed by Science and Technology and religion and politics and the good and bad in this world.  We can do NOTHING for the truth, but we will and are all confirming that YHWH is JUST, it doesn't matter which way we choose to go, YHWH's Name will be exonerated.  Whether we choose to love Him or fight Him we will testify that He is One and His Name is One.


Therefore, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily entraps us,

and let us run with patience the race that is set before us...


Those who fight against YHWH and His Mashiyach and His Torah will lose something that they can't even imagine they could have gained.  If we LOVE Him He will transform us, we will be conformed into His Image.


Shema Yisrael, YAHWEH Eloheinu, YAHWEH Echad

Hear O Yisrael (people of YHWH),  Yahweh our Elohim (Mighty One), Yahweh is One


When I awake many mornings I feel a burden that I wish I didn't, I wish I could take it off my shoulders and release it into the wind or maybe share it with someone who is more capable than I and who can understand.  My consolation comes through prayer and gratitude for what YHWH and done for me, and by reading the Word of YHWH and knowing that YHWH is Just and Loving towards me, but I know that we as earthlings have treated YHWH and the life He has given us with great disdain and contempt.  We do what is right in our own eyes, every one of us, we are all culpable and yet the Church has the shameful audacity to teach cheap, indifferent "grace", and wipe sins and rebellion off on Yeshua as though he's the doormat of all willful rebellion.  I think not.  I'm ashamed of how "believers" live and treat YHWH and his Mashiyach and one another with such disdain.  We my friends are headed for a train wreck, all of us are on this life's journey together and I know we're headed for a train wreck together.  YHWH promises us time and time again that His indignation is on the way, it's just a matter of time.  So then how shall we live?


Forget about the conspiracies, the One World Government, Chemtrails, poisoning of our food and water and the moral decay of society that's the least of our worries.  Fear YHWH!  Forget about the Muslim agenda to kill innocent people in the name of their Allah god, who cares?  Fear YHWH, He is the one who is raising up Islam.  Islam is the work of YHWH that is going to be Gog and Magog and Armageddon and the Holocaust all coming to a neighbourhood near you.  There is nowhere to run and hide, yet people tell me that they want to move to Israel or Jordon or some Island in the Pacific.  Really? If YHWH wants to protect us he doesn't need our help, our obedience yes, hearing His Voice yes, but I really don't think He needs our help.


Sure some folks think I've lost it, ok maybe a lot of folks.  Some call me a Judaizer and legalist because of what I teach, these are willfully ignorant religious Christian people and "Believers" who are enjoying sin for a season and don't like to hear that no, all is not well with their Synagogue or Church.  What I teach is simply too inconvenient for the materialistic, relativistic, indifferent lifestyles of many "believers".  I believe and teach in a better way than religion, the Ancient Path where there is Grace and Mercy and Love and Compassion towards our own souls that permits us to have Torah written upon our hearts and love our enemies, not just with our lip service, not just refraining from gossiping down other people but why can't we pray blessings on those who persecute and accuse and want to abuse us?


Torah.  Think about it.  The instructions of a Loving Heavenly Father to His people... to ALL His people, Jew, Gentile, Chinese, Latino, French, African, headhunter and Hollywood movie star, Yahweh created all human life and all human life is under His watchful eye every moment of every day.  The best thing in life is to surrender our lives to our Creator and put our trust in Him for how we live each day.


The world today is as the days of Noah, but worse actually.  Today we have much more access of information about the Universe that Yahweh created, we have 6,000 years of human history including the flood to teach us the Ancient Path of Yahweh and His Mashiyach.  But even with all this information the Church has become one of the greatest purveyors of wickedness, using trickery to deceive and teach people how to disobey the Word of YHWH.  Rabbinical Judaism is lawless and political and not accountable to YHWH and His Mashiyach or to the Word of YHWH.  Many say Lord, Lord, then they treat Yahweh's Word with disdain and contempt and they scorn and mock guys like myself who are simply trying to articulate the difference between religion and Faith.  It's a big difference.


Sure we can cast all our cares upon Him.  I hear people saying and doing that all the time.  These "believers" also go to casinos, pubs and comedy nights to have a few carnal laughs and make themselves feel better... for a season.  Laughter is good medicine.  Don't be so serious people tell me.  Lighten up.  We have piped and you have not danced; we have mourned, and you have not lamented.  People say... forget the Name of Yahweh... you could have made something out of yourself, why don't you become like religious like the rest of us?  Why are folks so concerned about what I have to say I wonder?  Are they convicted of their own rebellion and I've spurred a tiny part of their consciousness?  The "believers" say... "speak to us smooth things" don't tell us about that other stuff we don't want to hear it, make me laugh... tell us some jokes.


I'm amazed at how many people say... where are you quoting that from?  Is that in the Bible?  "Believers" who say, I've never heard that before? After 30 or more years attending churches or synagogues?  Who said that?  People!!! There is a famine in the land for the Word of YHWH that is SENT from YHWH Himself!!!


"Behold, the days come, says YAHWEH ELOHIM, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of YAHWEH."  Amos 8:11  Why?  Because the inhabitants of the earth have mocked the Word of the Living Elohim by our rebellion towards Him.  We've scorned our lives because of our rebellion and disobedience.  Then when a Christian or Jew or Muslim wants to get free of false religion there is a whole new wave of conspiracy theory leaders who offer their new version of "Torah" with new improved levels of bigotry and disdain towards Jews and Christians and Muslims who haven't arrived a their new improved "Torah based" promised land theologies.


When we turn to YHWH and keep His Commandments, a very great joy should come upon us that we want to share with others, we can endure the embarrassment of being mocked and scorned by family and friends because YHWH Himself becomes our strength.  We are hidden deep in His Word where we are like dead men walking, and the gossip and shame we bear of those who speak evil of us is part of our reward.  I've met and heard testimonies of many people who started to live righteous lives and horns grew out of the pastor or rabbi's head, religious people get real ugly when they lose their religious comrades to Mashiyach.


Many sigh and cry for the abominations in the Churches and Synagogues and I know of many who have been ostracized for being "too religious", a defense of the lukewarm and rebellious social religious status quo whose life's ambition is religious pettiness.


The answer is to study Scripture and choose Life.  Enter into YHWH's Shabbats.  Enter into His Presence and choose what pleases Him rather than be a religious man pleaser.  Confess our sins, congregate with those who aren't playing religious games but who are being transformed in Mashiyach and who seek the fruits of Love, Peace and Justice, even in a very small way, in a very small group, where 2 or 3 are gathered is far better than a big Church meeting where lies and compromise against YHWH and His Torah (Instructions) are routine.


I'm appalled at the Charismatic Christian movement who sings Jesus love songs and willfully teach and break the 10 Commandments.  Christians are embarrassed to observe Torah and the Ancient Seventh Day Shabbat and Moedim (Feasts) and sanctify their lives before Mashiyach and have His Name written upon their foreheads.  Everything the Church does is religious symbolism "about" the Word of YHWH, but not the Word itself.  Everything is a religion about Yeshua (Jesus) but not to become a disciple of him.


What a HUGE difference between these two ideals, you will never know unless one day you lay down your religion and ask YHWH to write Torah upon your heart... please see Jeremiah 31:31-34.  The fact is that people don't even want to learn what the New Covenant is.  People don't want to hear so they won't have to be accountable to the Word of YHWH.  HE says that HE wants to write TORAH (HIS Torah) upon your heart.  His Commandments.  His Word.  But religious people say no, they only want a religion about His Word.  These two concepts are diametrically opposed, they do not mix, they are black and white, evil versus good, humanism versus the Kingdom of Elohim.


A religion "about" Yeshua is a false religion!  A Faith that teaches you how to live like he did and how the first disciples did is a Faith "in" Him!  Your church is teaching a religion about Jesus, your synagogue is a social club about Jewish tradition, can you not see the difference? 


Can you not pray and ask the Ruach haKodesh (Set Apart Spirit) of YHWH to reveal Himself to you?


Can you not consider what I'm earnestly trying to say, the appeal that I'm trying to make to you now? 


Ask YHWH for yourself, must you go to your pastor or rabbi and listen to what they think about the Kingdom of Elohim (God)?  Why do people put an man or a woman between yourself and the Father YHWH? 


Are you like those who hide their face from Moses because you are ashamed to ask?  Are you too ashamed to admit the facts?  Are we too proud to open our mouths wide and ask our Creator and Redeemer for His Torah to be written upon our hearts?  Can we not bow before the Name of Yahweh in our intimate prayers?  Are we afraid to say His Name?  Can we not speak to Yeshua and ask the deepest questions of our hearts?  Why do we go to another man for their opinion?  Do you see how false religion has insulated people away from hearing His Voice?  Are you any different?


If you can't hear His Voice, why not try to be obedient for a change?  Why not put YHWH to the test by being obedient to His Word?  There are some wicked translations of the Bible out there, like your KJV and NIV that tell you that YHWH is not up to being tested and proven.  The fact is that He tests and proves us and we are called to taste and see that He is good.  Why not be obedient to His Word and put your confidence in Him?  Why do people have to make things Jewish or Christian and see their Bibles though the filter of religion?  Why can't we be free?


First we humble ourselves.  First we obey.  Then we hear from heaven.  Then our eyes open to His Kingdom.  Then we see the world and religion for what it is.  Your Rabbi and pastor are yes men who are part of the religious mafia.  Many people have at one time heard YHWH's voice calling them out of false religion, but they pretend not to hear, I've heard many of these testimonies, they didn't want to suffer or be different or pay the price.  Truth costs us everything.


The answer today is the same as the one in Eden.  Return to the Faith Once Delivered and refuse the religious politics of Jewish identity or Jewish tradition or Christianity which are stumbling blocks that don't allow people to enter into the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of God).  Your Rabbi and Pastor have refused to enter into the Kingdom and they will do everything they can so that you cannot enter either, they feed you the traditions of men rather than the Word of YHWH that demands your voluntary obedience to YHWH rather than be a man-pleaser and follow the traditions of men.


Are you afraid to ask YHWH to reveal Himself to you?


The answer is to begin with the 10 Commandments and have then written upon your heart and do not accept religious traditions about the Ten Commandments!  Your synagogue or church has made void the 10 Commandments by man made religious traditions.  How many examples would you like me to provide?


My joy is knowing there are many, many others now who care, and who are seeking the Kingdom of Elohim (God).  The only joy I have in this life is knowing that YHWH is Faithful, He keeps His Word and many others are coming out of Babylon and are seeking YHWH and His Mashiyach, everything else is petty and mundane by comparison.


I don't need the religious happy dance folks, or the big fancy religious front.  I don't need to pretend like there's nothing wrong and just "be happy" in Yeshua (Jesus) like everyone else who thinks they've already got it all in the bag.


Collectively as a remnant we have the joy of doing His Word and thus having His Word live inside of us.  He lives inside of us when we are obedient, pure and simple.  Religion lives inside us when we compromise the Word of YHWH.


Each soul is called to be strengthened within a community that chooses to obey the Word of YHWH.  Just because synagogues and churches follow the status quo and live like the world, doesn't mean we have to follow.  If you read this and think you can choose later, you've already chosen.  Your indifference has spoken.  You have prepared a lukewarm place in your heart where your religion rules your soul.  On the other hand if you have eyes to see and ears to hear then you know that I don't speak of my own accord.


I pray that you are making your refuge deep in the Word of YHWH in these acharit hayamim (latter days).


Shalom U'Vrachot,


YHWH be with you,


Baruch Ben Daniel


PS about the photo... my head is a bit too big I think... I used photoshop to cut and paste a new photo of me on my body... trying to keep things current here you know.  The thing is I couldn't shrink my head any more because it wouldn't fit on my neck... I was thinking of making a scarf but that photo was shot at the beach on a hot sunny day and I'm wearing sandals... so if folks thought I was already a bit whacked out I didn't see the benefits of pushing them over the edge... well that's probably a bit more information than you needed to know I realize.  But I didn't want to scare you.  What if I meet you in person one day and you get the impression that my head shrunk... see what I mean?



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